Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology conferred Life Time Achievement Awards for eminent Indian algologists who have contributed to the better understanding of biology and biotechnology of aquatic organisms. This has started from 2003 on wards  with Prof.V.S.Sundaralingam, who has been awarded the first life time achievement award during the celebration of 12th founding day. The following is the list of doyens of algae who have been conferred Life Time Achievement Award  by the institute:

2003- Prof. V.S.Sundaralingam          2004-Prof. M. Umamaheswara Rao        2005-Prof. E.R.S.Talpasayi

2006=Dr.R.Subramanian                    2007-Dr. Vidhyavathi                               2008-Dr. G.Subramanian

2009-Dr.L.V.Venkataraman                2010-Dr.B.D.Kausik                                 2011-Dr.S.P.Adhikary

2012-Dr.N.Jeejibai                              2013-Prof. Pushpa Srivastava               2014-Prof. M.N.Noor

2015-Prof.G.L.Tiwari                          2016-Prof.B.B.Chaugule

25th Founding Day:  Life Time Achievement Award 2016
Conferred on Prof. B.B.Chaugule


Welcome Address: Prof. R.Ramanibai, Campus Director, Guindy Campus, University of Madras
Introduction of Awardee by Dr.M.Baluswami, President-KIA
Citation read by Dr,J.Kamaleswari
Medal presented by Dr.N.Jeeji Bai
Citation presented by Dr.M.Baluswami
About the Conference: Prof. S. Elumalai, Organizing Secretary, NCABB-2016
Inaugural Address: Prof. S. Rajarajan, Vice-Chancellor, SRM University, Haryana
Keynote Address: Dr. T.Madhan Mohan, Adsvisor-De[artment of Biotechnology, Government of                                India
Vote of thanks by Dr.Bharathi Sethumathavan
Welcome Address: Prof. R.Ramanibai
Valedictory Address: Dr.J.Chandrakantha, Fr. VC,Tamil Nadu Open University
Felicitation Address: Dr. S.Ganesan, Registrar, Anna University, Chennai
Felicitation and Certificate distribution: Dr.S.Thirumagan, Controller of Examinations, University                                                               of Madras, Chennai
Summing up: Dr.A.Umamaheswsari, Presidency College
Concluding Remarks: Prof. S.Elumalai
Vote of Thanks: Dr.J.Kamaleswari, Secretary, KIA

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24th Founding day: Life Time Achievement Award 2015  'Program'
Conferred on Prof. G.L. Tiwari

Welcome Address: Dr.V.Varalakshmi, Principal, SDNB College, Chrompet
Introduction of Awardee by Dr.J.Kamaleswari
Citation read by Dr.G.Rani
Medal presented by Dr.G.Subramanian
Citation presented by Dr.M.Baluswami
Vote of thanks by Dr. Bharathi Sethumathavan
Date: 27-28 November, 2015
Held at and in collaboration with: Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology,
S.D.N.B. Vaishnav College for Women, Chrompet, Chennai-600 044.
The ceremony was followed by an acceptance speech by Prof. G.L.Tiwari and felicitations by Dr.G.Subramanian, Dr.V.N.Raja Rao, Dr.N.Jeeji Bai, Dr. Pushpa Srivastava and Dr.N.Anand. A National Seminar on 'Taxonomy of Algae and Applications'  inaugurated by Dr.G.Subramanian with an inaugural address and presentation of 33 papers in the two day seminar with invited talk presented by Dr.N.Anand on 'Diversity of algae and habitats', Dr.K.Eswaran on 'Seaweed distribution, cultivation and value addition', Dr. Chinnasamy Senthil on 'Algae: Are they the right choice for biofuels? and valedictory address by Dr.G.L.Tiwari held on 27 and 28 November, 2015.

Program and abstract of the papers presented during the National Seminar...Click here

23rd Founding Day: Life Time Achievement Award 2014
Conferred on Dr. M.N.Noor
Date: 19th September, 2014
Venue:Department of Microbiology,  Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli
Introduction of Awardee and reading of citation: Dr.V.V.Subramanian, President, KIA
Honoring Dr.M.N.Noor with a shawl: Dr.V.V.Subramanian
Medal and citation  presented by Prof. K. Muthuchelian, Fr. VC, Periyar University
Vote of Thanks: Dr.J.Kamaleswari, Secretary, KIA
The ceremony was followed by a 'National Conference on Progress in Algology in the Indian Context"
Several Photos in the Gallery-modified from "A Compendium of National Conference on Progress in Algology in the Indian Context" KIA extends heart felt gratitude to Dr. Thajuddin, Convenor and Dr.G.Muralitharan, Organizing Secrertary. Bharathidasan University, Trichirapalli for these photographs.

22nd Founding day: Life Time Achievement Award 2013
Conferred on Prof. Pushpa Srivastava
Citation read by Dr.V.V.Subramanian
Medal presented by Dr. G.Subramanian
Date: 21, September, 2013
Venue: Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany
University of Madras, Chennai-600 025
The ceremony was followed by an acceptance speach by Prof.Pushpa Srivastava and felicitations by Dr.G.Subramanian, Dr.N.Anand and others. A National Seminar on Recent Trends in Applied Algal Research was held on September 21 and 22, 2013

Life Time Achievement Award 2012
Conferred on Dr. N.Jeeji Bai
Citation read by Dr.V.V.Subramanian
Medal presented by Prof.V.Krishnamurthy
Date: 3rd November, 2012
Venue: Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras,
Chennai-600 025
Lead lectures and paper presentations with reference to Algal Ecology were held on 3rd and 4th November, 2012.


Top left: Prof. V.K. giving away the citation and Dr.N.Jeeji Bai receives. Right: Jeeji Bai delivering acceptace speech. Botom Left: Prof. Vidhyavati felicitating Dr. Jeeji Baiand right: a view of the audience

Life Time Achievement Award 2010
Conferred on Dr. B.D.Kausik
Citation read by Dr.V.V.Subramanian
Medal presented by Prof.V.Krishnamurthy
Date: 22 September, 2010
Venue: Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras, Chennai-600 025
The ceremony was followed by an acceptance speech by Dr.:B.D.Kausik and felicitations by Dr.M.Umamaheswara Rao, Dr. Pushpa Srivastava, Prof. V.N. Raja Rao and Dr. N. Anand

Photos from top left:
Dr.B.D.Kausik after receiving the medal, citation and shawl presented by Prof. V. Krishnamurthy.
A view of audience
Another view of audience
Dr. M. Mumamaheswara Rao
Dr. Pushpa Srivastava

Lif Time Achievement Award 2005:
Receipient: Prof. E.R.S.Talpasayi
Reading of citation after introduction: Prof. V.Krishnamuthy, Director, KIA
Presenation of Medal: Swami Satyapriyananda
Felicitations: Prof. M.Umamaheswara Rao, Dr. P.S.N.Rao and Dr. L.V.Venkataraman
Presidenial Address: Dr.V.N.Raja Rao
Welcome Address: Dr.V.V.Subramanian, Principal, RKM Vivekanand College
Symposium: Algae and Environment
conducted by KIA in association with : R K M Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai.
Dates: 24th and 25th September, 2005.

About of 25 papers covering different aspects of algae were presented during the symposium.

   Life Time Achievement Award:Institute celebrated its founding day from its 12th founding day onwards and it was held on September 21, 2003 at Pachaiyappa's College, Chennai-600 030. 

   Dr. S. Bharathan, Secretary, KIA, welcomed the gathering. It was followed by Prof. V.Krishnamurthy, who delivered president's address. Program began with lighting of lamp by Prof. T.V.Desikachary, Prov. V.S.Sundaralingam and other dignataries.  A brief video on achievements of Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology-"Kaleidoscope of Impressive Achievements", produced by Dr.V.Sivasubramanian and Mr. B.G.Raghavan (Unit of Algal Physiology and Biotechnology, RKM Vivekananda College, Chennai-600004) was screened.  

   Lectures delivered by Dr.N.Tajuddin, National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirapalli and Dr. L. Kannan, C A S in Marine Biology, Annamalai University, Parangipettai.

   Other notable participants graced the occasion included: Prof. V.N.Raja Rao, Dr. N. Anand, Prof. R.Rengasamy to name a few.